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Fits and works well

McDavid 189R S M Ankle Small Medium

McDavid 189R S M Ankle Small Medium

Brian Castner has blast-induced memory losses. He is crazy, he runs. He has spent nearly eight years in Iraq.

In one of the scenes in the book, the humvee in which he is riding is surrounded by a mob. It is necessary to exit and shoot, he thinks. Then, thankfully, the convoy moves forward slowly. Brian Castner calls his anxiety the Crazy. It didn't start right away at the end of his deployment.

The sights, the smells of being sent to a war zone are described. The author, through poor eye sight, ended up being directed by the Air Force into the field of Disaster Preparedness. He sought to attend the Explosive Ordinance Disposal school, (the bomb squad). Passing and surviving the training for nine months results in a different person being created by graduation day.

Afterwards, out of the military, the author becomes a civilian EOD instructor. He had been relieved of his first command for disobeying a direct order of a general during wartime. After spending four months doing paperwork, he was again put in command of a group and became swept up in the deployment current.

In the war zone Castner hated going out at night. The squad used robots. The narrator (author) explains that he has become two people. The scientific application of high explosives makes terrorism and modern war possible.

During world War II the British UXB cleared bombs and fire brigades stopped the fires. The bomb technicians shifted the direction of the war. In Iraq the U.S. failed. Instead of destroying ammunition depots, the columns of soldiers kept moving.

The book brings war closer than anything I've read. I hope policymakers read this.

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  1. i recommend this product, is very resistant and is my second buy, McDavid's had my first six years

    it's very well

  2. Outstanding. I would buy this item again if needed. It fits just right with no problems at all. Buy It.

  3. I read some of the other reviews, especially from women, and was hesitant that the brace wouldn't fit well. I wear a shoe size 7 and it fits perfect. Easy to get on and off. Supports my sprained ankle wonderfully. I will probably wear this more often now that I have it to support my ankle even after it heals. Not loose or otherwise cumbersome. I haven't tried it with real shoes, but I am sure it will be limited in the shoes it can go in to (flip flops, tennis shoes). But that is ok by me.

  4. this mcdavid ankle brace is the best ankle brace I have ever bought. I have been wearing some type of an ankle brace since 1992. I will buy this again when needed

  5. Johnny Singleton27 Oktober 2012 08.32

    This is a great brace if you need to keep your ankle stabilized.
    It is a nice secure fit and very comfortable.

  6. So, I have had bad ankles for a long time, stemming from rolled ankles playing basketball over the years. I still play 2-3 times a week at 35 now, and though I haven't rolled my ankles in a few years, I had found that my ankles hurt for a full day after each game, and made it difficult for me to play back-to-back days.

    This ankle brace helps support your ankles so they don't have to work as hard, and I don't even notice later in the day or the next morning now that I even played basketball.

    Not only is there no pain, but there is no restriction in jumping either, which is a complaint I have with most lace ups.

    Great product. Thank you.

  7. Easy to put on and easy to wear. It provides great ankle support. I no longer twist my ankle while walking off pavement.

  8. Byron Atkinson16 Oktober 2013 07.32

    It works. After suffering with ankle and foot pains for two months stemming from a running injury, I bought this in the hopes I would at least be able to avoid going to a doctor so he/she could tell me I needed a foot brace and medicine. After a month of use, my pain is all but gone. Can't recommend enough.
    I look forward to putting it on every morning at this point. It's that comfortable. Easy to clean and good looking enough to wear with shorts, it has fit seamlessly into my life. The only negative thing of note is obvious: though it will fit in your shoes, chances are that it will stretch out the heel a bit. With extended use, you will probably want a new, snug pair of sneakers when you're done.

  9. purchased one for my son. He liked it so much i got another for the other ankle. After having problems every year,we are injury free this year! A great, comfortable device for protection in all sports.