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Mizuno Womens Wave Inspire Running

Mizuno Womens Wave Inspire Running

I have just started getting into jogging recently, and I had been wearing a pair of New Balance running shoes that I didn't pay much for to begin with. I always had knee pain and shin splints. I decided that it was time to bite the bullet and look for a real pair of running shoes, so I researched various brands and models. Mizuno was one brand I researched, and when I went onto their website and completed the free online assessment, it recommended the Wave Inspire 8 shoes. So I came on Amazon.com here and read so many good 5 star reviews. I decided to just take the plunge and buy this shoe. I actually bought my regular size 10 shoe, and also a 10.5 shoe (since it was constantly recommended to buy 1/2 size larger than your regular shoe size). Since Amazon had free returns, I thought I would buy both, try both sizes on, and return the one that I didn't want. I actually ended up keeping the shoe that was 1/2 size larger than my usual shoe size. It was a lot more roomy in the toe area, which I thought would be much more comfortable on my feet while running.

I've been happy ever since. My feet have been very comfortable from the first moment I wore the shoes, and I have yet to feel any knee pain or shin splints since wearing these. It feels like a dream to run without pain for the first time!

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